Berth reservations

Find here all the information you will need for making a berth reservation at Cruise Port Amsterdam

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Cruise Port Amsterdam
+31 20 509 10 00

For berth inquiries you can reach out to the above email address or phone number.

Berth booking policy for sea cruise vessels

The objective of this Berth Booking Policy for Cruise vessels is to provide well-defined, transparent and non-discriminatory guidelines for the allocation of berths at Cruise Port Amsterdam terminal or at the Port of Amsterdam. We reserves the right to modify each year if necessary.

Berth Booking Policy:

  • Booking of a ship’s date or serie comes via a shipping agent, as well as amendments or cancellations
  • Shipping companies can reserve up to 3 years in advance
  • Sea cruise season is from mid-April to mid-October
  • A cruise booking has a 1st right to book before events, until 1st of August preceding a cruise year
  • The handling of a ship in the low season (mid October – mid April) shall always be planned at the east side of the quay via PHB
  • A Turn Around operation (minimum 2/3 of total number of passengers) has priority over a Cruise Call
  • Booking at the quay will be confirmed as subject to more bookings. If more bookings occur for a particular date, CPA reserves the right to divert a ship to an alternative quay in the Westhaven – to avoid operational problems.
  • Amsterdam uses a dynamic lock planning