What is the check-in procedure?

The check-in procedure at Cruise Port Amsterdam is easy and simple. Be well prepared and read the tips below carefully. That way you know for sure your cruise will start comfortably.

Check-in prodecure at Cruise Port Amsterdam

Luggage drop-off

Check-in starts with the drop off of your luggage. To do this, follow the “Luggage Drop-off” signs in the lobby.
This is in most cases on the the left-hand side. In front of the entrance of the terminal “porters”, recognizable by a yellow cardigan,
can assist you with your luggage. It is important that you have properly labeled your luggage (preferably at home).
In most cases you will receive labels from your travel agent / cruise line. Attach it clearly and visibly to your suitcase or bag.

If a cruise line doesn’t provide the labels, ensure that labels on which your contact details are written are provided by yourself. Preferably with a telephone number where you can be reached on. If your suitcase is not labeled, or you have not received any labels from the shipping company, a space has been created for this in the terminal. To do this, follow the “Unlabelled baggage” signs.
In addition, always check before your departure, what you are allowed to take with you on board.
You can check this with your travel agent or find this on the website of your cruise line.

PLEASE! Don’t forget to bring your passport / ID card and travel documents.
Do not leave this in your suitcase. Once issued, you will only receive your suitcase on board the ship.
You need a passport / ID card to check in.


After the luggage drop-off , follow the indicated walking route. This will take you to the Main Deck to check in. Hostesses catch you here and help you further. The time at which you can check in varies per ship. You may have to wait a while. If you have received a check-in time from the travel agent / shipping company then it makes sense to stick to this. This way you avoid unnecessary waiting in the terminal.


After checking in, continue the walk to security. On presentation of your boarding pass, which you will receive upon check-in, you will have access to the ship. Your cruise is about to start now. At security you are requested to put your bag, jacket and metal objects on the conveyor. You will see a clear instructional film in advance.

Military Police

The final step is the Marechaussee. Here you must show your passport or ID card. You can then board the ship via the gangway / walkway. You officialy started your cruise, have fun!