Touringcar parking

Touringcar Terminal Amsterdam (TTA) is the touringcar parking service of Cruise Port Amsterdam at Piet Heinkade 27.

Touringcar Parking Amsterdam

Touringcar Terminal Amsterdam (TTA) is the ideal location for touring car parking in Amsterdam.
With the city center within walking distance and easily accessible via the S114 exit.
Perfect for drivers who have dropped-off passengers in Amsterdam and are looking for a parking space nearby.
It is not possible to book in advance, acces is based on availability.

For more information call +31 20 509 1006

Open 24/7

TTA has room for 42 touringcars, entry and exit is possible 24 hours a day. The terminal is monitored and staffed at all times.
Payment is only possible with a pin or credit card and parking is based on availability.
The rate amounts € 7,00 per hour with a maximum of € 80,00 per day.

Mandatory route

By entering the city center from the A10 ring road, special traffic rules apply for touringcars. The mandatory route is within the Singelgracht zone (S100). It is not permitted for touringcars to drive outside the designated routes.