Green Globe

Cruise Port Amsterdam strives to make all factors that it can influence as sustainable as possible in order to minimize our own CO2 footprint.

The operation of the cruise ship terminal and the hosting of events can pose significant environmental challenges. With the Green Globe program, Cruise Port Amsterdam commits to doing business sustainably. We do this together with colleagues, suppliers and business associates. We look for energy and water savings, we recycle as much as possible, we are always looking for greener alternatives for our procedures, we offer the possibility to organize zero-waste events and we are committed to various social causes. 

Green Globe

Green Globe is a global certification program with the aim of reducing our CO2 footprint. ‘A better environment begins with yourself’.
Going green goes step by step, also at Cruise Port Amsterdam. In 2023 we started the Green Globe program and in 2024 we will be officially certified with support of Green Label Service.

Cruise Port Amsterdam has focus on the following sustainable areas

  1. Nature and environment
  2. Social commitment
  3. Health & Safety

Nature and environment
Cruise Port Amsterdam considers it important to treat the planet with care, for our children as well as future generations. By taking a critical look at our own processes and converting them into green alternatives, we contribute to a better balance between people and nature. 

Social commitment
Cruise Port Amsterdam is a good, social employer with an eye for employees and the environment.
When carrying out business procedures, the history of the building, location and neighborhood will always be taken into account. In addition, we find it important that employees are involved in our sustainability policy and encourage them to ‘think green’ in everything they do. Not only at work but also at home. Together we create more impact.  

Health and safety
Investing in the vitality of our employees contributes to personal job happiness, employee growth and development, and thus to the continuity of the company. There is room for training and education and  the possibility to work partly from home. Balance in work and private matters is of great importance. This is reflected in a steady and dedicated team where hospitality awareness and working with a smile are the key.

Our goals for the coming years

As working sustainable is an ongoing process we have set a number of goals;

2024 :

  • we only offer environmentally friendly coffee cups
  • all office products have a green label
  • a Dopper water tap has been installed to refill your own water bottle
  • the first 10 waste bins for separate collection in the terminal have been introduced


  • shore power is available
  • charging facilities for E-cars have been expanded from 2 to 10 charging points
  • 50% of the forklift trucks will be electric for baggage handling ships
  • the following 10 waste bins for separate collection have been placed
  • a dashboard has been developed for energy and water consumption
  • a feasibility study on the use of window film in the building has been completed 


  • waste is fully 100% collected and offered separately
  • bus terminal lighting is fully replaced by LED
  • all technical areas are equipped with sensor lighting
  • a feasibility study into solar panels at the entrance to the building has been completed
  • energy and water consumption will be monitored via a dashboard
  • a feasibility study into washing the windows of the building with rainwater/water from the IJ has been completed

Below you can download our sustainable management plan.